• *Update!*

    Hey there everyone!

    So, we’re actually once again on move!

    Let’s check out the progress :

    • Sprites: 3/5
    • Background: 3/???
    • CGs: 2/???
    • Script: 13%
    • Coding: 13%

    So, that’s pretty much a lot of progress for us, considering our situation and annoying school… ~_~

    Hopefully we’re going to be done with the sprites very soon, and the backgrounds-CGs would be sketched quickly, so that the art part of the book department shall be closed.

    Though, we’re still stuck in the music and the voice acting part, so if anyone’s willing to help, please contact us!

    E-mail : ravenbaskerville@outlook.com

    Note: Since this is a free project, if you’re willing to help, please do not expect any kind of payment. Thank you.

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