This is Raven and Aiden, from the Pulse Studios. Since we’re new to all this internet and gaming, I thought, ‘Why not give an introduction?’ So here it is : Who are we, what do we do, and what are we trying to achieve.

Who are we?

We’re two teenagers with the dreams and hopes to become one of the game-making society one day. I’m Raven, and my other companion is Aiden, which you’ll see more of her soon. Since we’re only high-school students, we decided to start with simple codings and simple platforms : Python and Visual Novels. It’s still a bit too hard for us, to code, and do all this ‘business’, but hopefully one day, we’re gonna have our own line of gaming. 😀

What do we do?

As mentioned, we make games. Free games, at that. From short, small visual novels, to hopefully long 3D games. Currently we’re focusing on two projects: “Seven Days” which is already in development and “H.I. Department” which will come after Seven Days is published.

What are we trying achieve?

Things that most of the indie game creators are trying to achieve: Your happiness and our happiness. We’re trying to receive kindness from people and give them happiness with our games. That’s all there is to our goal.